BHD Illite belt

Illite ceramic enhances the effects of far-infrared ray, discharges waste, supplies rich minerals to a body and promotes generation of collagen.

Price ₩600,000 (won)

[Far-infrared Ray, the Light of Healing]

Far-infrared ray is the light for care and healing by penetrating into dermal layer, among light wavelengths. Far-infrared ray relieves pain, promotes generation of collagen and enhances skin resilience by delicately resonating cells. Moreover, it strengthens immunity over 6 times by increasing body temperature.

[Illite, the Therapeutic Mineral]

Illite generates far-infrared ray as being heated. It increases temperature all over a body, generates radiant heat and strengthens immunity with rich minerals. Illite purifies blood and spirit, accelerates blood circulation and so relieves fatigue in a short time.

Recommended for

those with chronic fatigue
those with muscular pain
those with lack of exercise
those who get sick frequently.

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