Bio health Queen belt

Near-infrared ray and Far-infrared ray penetrating into the inner-most layer of skin shows remarkable skin care effects and is effective for burning body fat.
BIO HEALTH QUEEN is a ceramic product developed only by BIO HEALTH DOCTORs with 92% far-infrared radiation.

Price ₩1,320,000 (won)

Check Point

Reliable products that have obtained global safety certification with dual LEDs that can use near and far infrared rays at the same time, ceramic acupressure belts that take care of back pain, 92% far infrared radiation, 99% antibacterial action against harmful bacteria.

Near-infrared Ray x Far-infrared Ray

Near-infrared ray and far-infrared ray help a body in various aspects by penetrating deep into skin and generating fine vibration, about 2,000 times per minute, on cell molecules comprising a cell, including accelerating blood circulation, relieving pain, discharging waste, generating collagen and reducing body fat.

Recommended for

those with muscular pain
those with cold belly
those who want to reduce body fat
those who want continuing care.

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