Illite Circular Mat

Illite Circular Mat enhances the efficacy by thermal treatment on germanium. Germanium delivers oxygen to a body, helps to retard aging and prevents senile dementia and age spots. Moreover, germanium clears cholesterol and so purifies blood.

What is illite?

Illite, the rare mineral produced in Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do,
contains a quantity of trace elements good for a human body, and purifies blood.


Accelerating blood circulation
Controlling humidity
Burning fat
Enhancing skin resilience


Increasing body temperature
Skin care
Controlling body weight
Enhancing immunity


510 x 860 (mm)

₩770,000 (won)

Half Single
680 x 1040 (mm)

₩880,000 (won)

Three-seat sofa
550 x 1500 (mm)

₩1,200,000 (won)

Single (S)
800 x 1900 (mm)

₩2,200,000 (won)

Queen (Q)
1350 x 1900 (mm)

₩2,800,000 (won)

King (K)
1500 x 2000 (mm)

₩3,200,000 (won)

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