Company Philosophy

Moving forward with continuous efforts

Healthy and beautiful life

Customer satisfaction

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About Us

Healthy 100 years old, hope 150 years old

Bio Health Doctor is the global venture firm developing health care products using
biotechnologies for healthier life of customers.


Bio Health Doctor will always keep ahead with the most distinguished technologies and quality in dome sauna industry.

Master Technology

Reliable product enhanced by the technology of the director Shin Taejin of the R&D Institute certified as the Bio Master.

Venture Firm

Venture firm verified by venture certification in 2020 Technology Evaluation Type and 2022 Innovative Growth Type.

Promising Exporter

Next generation global enterprise selected as the promising small and medium exporter since 2020.


Over 18 intellectual property rights and over 30 prizes in various fields.

CEO's Message

Bio Health Doctor is a global venture company that develops products that customers can use easily and comfortably in real life for a healthy life.

Our items are high-growth items that will make an innovative contribution to the modern health industry, where the interest in diet and the proportion of silver generation are high. Also, gaining attention in the medical sector as a product excellent in heat and energy saving effects using innovative carbon materials.

In addition to ensuring excellent quality, we are meeting customers' demands by working together day and night with our employees working together. We promise to continue to develop in the future with the goal of becoming a company that draws the health and wishes of our customers together.

We are constantly expanding our global market area for the health of all people around the world.